Chantelle Petersen


BA – Utah State University (2007)
JD – J. Rueben Clark Law School – BYU (2016)

Bar Admission

Utah State Bar 2016

Background & Experience

Prior to law school, Chantelle spent five years working for the First District Court in Logan, Utah, starting as a court clerk and later moving into juvenile probation. The experience of working for the court has been instrumental to Chantelle’s success as an attorney, both inside and outside the courtroom. Currently Chantelle’s practice focuses on family law, including divorce, paternity, and custody disputes as well as the enforcement of existing orders. She also has experience with civil litigation, and criminal proceedings. Chantelle prides herself for being upfront and candid with clients. She believes that a good attorney tells his or her client what they need to hear, as opposed to simply telling them what they want to hear. Currently, Chantelle is a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern Utah Bar Association, as well as the Southern Utah Chapter liaison for Women Lawyers of Utah. Chantelle is enthusiastic about the advancement and retention of women in the legal profession.


Most of Chantelle’s “free time” involves playing chauffeur, tutor, maid, and personal assistant to her young children. When off-duty, Chantelle prefers to be outside, traveling, or simply enjoying a Dr. Pepper.

Practice Areas

Family Law
Litigation & Disputes
Mediation & Arbitration

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