Estate Planning


Whether you need a simple will or a complex trust, we have the expertise to help. Having a will or trust drafted is part of a process commonly called estate planning. Estate planning involves much more than just drafting a will or a trust it is a deeper understanding of your needs and desires. Our estate planning attorneys will take the time to listen to your plans, concerns, and priorities. They will personally work with you to draft a plan that will accomplish your goals, whether or not those goals are complex or simple.

A trust can be a very useful tool in the estate plan but it is not necessarily the only tool. Your attorney may suggest a number of tools to accomplish your goals or maybe just a will is appropriate for the job. A good estate planning attorney will help you title your assets appropriately. We will not create a fancy document and leave you to figure out how to make it work.

It is a good idea to have your estate planning reviewed when every couple of years or sooner if you acquire property, have significant life changes, move to a different state, or want to make changes to your plan. It is not a good idea to try and change your will or trust by yourself. The changes may not be recognized as legitimate.

Normally, estate planning is a fixed fee. You will not be billed hourly but instead, will be quoted one fee to accomplish your plan. ALL INITIAL CONSULTATIONS FOR ESTATE PLANING ARE FREE AT OUR SNOW CALDWELL BECKSTROM & WILBANKS, PLLC. Come in, meet us, and determine if you want us to be part of your team.

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